Entering Neighboring Properties

Should the completion of this contract require encroachment on any neighboring property, it is the responsibility of the client to obtain approval (either written or verbal) from the owner of the neighboring property for Hodgin and Sons Tree Care to enter. Any dispute by neighboring property owners regarding this contract and/or access needed to complete this contract is the sole responsibility of the client. Should any dispute inhibit the completion of this contract while Hodgin and Sons Tree Care is on site, the client is responsible for the loss of production and will be back-charged accordingly.


Job scheduling is dependent on weather conditions, workload, geographic relationship to other scheduled work and other unforeseen issues. Work crews shall arrive at the job site unannounced unless otherwise noted. Hodgin and Sons Tree Care will do our best to meet all scheduled work dates, but shall not be liable for damages due to delays or missed work. If times are given they are approximate, and Hodgin and Sons Tree Care will not be held responsible for being late or early. Hodgin and Sons Tree Care cannot always have the entire job completed in a single day, due to a multitude of factors. Some portions of the work must be done at a later time, i.e. grinding out remaining stump and log removal (in addition to the job itself, and/or parts of it). Unless specifically stipulated on the customer’s contract, Hodgin and Sons Tree Care may have to break the job up into pieces (normally related to large removals).

Unmarked Utilities

Hodgin and Sons Tree Care assumes no responsibility for any hidden hazards of which we are not informed of such as  sprinklers, invisible fences, drain lines or utility pipes, or for damage to sidewalks, drives, etc. in which you request us to cross in the process of our work  unless the system(s) are adequately and accurately mapped by the authorizing party and a copy is presented before or at the time the work is performed. If there is a problem that is unknown such as a void area under concrete, or thin spots which cause a failure under the load of our equipment we are not responsible for this damage. If any damage is caused from falling debris as a result of our work, we will take responsibility and correct the damage to the customers satisfaction. Any additional work or equipment required to complete the work, caused by previously unknown foreign material in the trunk, the branches, underground, or any other condition not apparent in estimating the work specified, shall be paid for by the customer on a time and material basis.

Tree Ownership

The authorizing party warrants that all trees listed are located on the customer’s property and if not, that the authorizing party has received full permission from the owner to allow Hodgin and Sons Tree Care to perform the specified work. Should any tree be mistakenly identified as to ownership, the customer agrees to indemnify Hodgin and Sons Tree Care for any damages or costs incurred from the result thereof.

Tree Decline or Failure

Hodgin and Sons Tree Care will make customer aware of any problems found with trees while on property. It is impossible to know or identify all problems and predict all failures. We will give our best opinion of structural stability and tree health based on visual inspection. Customer acknowledges Hodgin and Sons Tree Care  is not be responsible for any decline in tree health or failure of tree or damage caused by failure of any or all of tree after our work is completed.

Stump Removal

Unless specified in the proposal, stump removal is not included in the price quoted. Grindings and shavings from stump removal are not hauled away unless specified in this proposal. Surface and subsurface roots beyond the stump are not removed unless specified in this proposal. Hodgin and Sons Tree Care is not responsible for for any underground property unless informed of its exact location by the owner of the appropriate local utility location agency.

Terms of Payment 

All residential jobs are net cash in full upon completion of the work, unless noted. Invoices for billing jobs not paid within 30 days are subject to a 6% daily finance charge. Payments not received within 90 days will assess a $50 late fee. In the event of a court settlement, the customer is liable for all fees due to settle the claim.

Types of Payment: Cash, Checks, Money Orders, Cashier’s Check, Visa, Mastercard for transactions $2,000.00 or less.

Returned Check Fee: There will be a $100.00 fee charged for all checks returned to our office.